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Farrell & Perrault brings a unique perspective to the practice of family law in Hawaii. We believe that effective advocacy is built upon integrity, passion, and expertise, and we expect our attorneys and staff to reflect these ideals at every stage of representing our clients. We represent a wide range of clients: from divorcing couples with long marriages, to military members and their dependents, to single mothers and fathers. Every client deserves the best legal representation, and we aim to provide legal counsel that is second to none in the State of Hawaii.


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We still believe that the practice of law is a noble profession and that integrity is the hallmark of first class representation. When you enter the courtroom, you appear before a judge carrying the benefit or burden of your attorney’s reputation. Farrell & Perrault attorneys have worked hard to cultivate a reputation for honesty, candor, and expertise. When you enter the courtroom with an F&P attorney, you know the Court will assess your case based upon its merits because the judge can trust the representations of your counsel and his/her knowledge of the law.

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Farrell & Perrault attorneys choose to practice family law because we are passionate about representing individuals through the most difficult times in their lives. All of our attorneys have the opportunity and intelligence to practice more “sexy” and lucrative areas of the law, and all of us have done so at one point or another. But we chose to practice family law because the topics touch the lives of our clients in the most personal and fundamental ways, and the decisions made by the Family Court have lasting impacts on everyone involved. Farrell & Perrault attorneys are zealous advocates for their clients because results matter, and we take a professional and personal interest in getting the best outcome for our clients.

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All the passion in the world does not matter if your attorney does not have the knowledge and experience to effectively represent your interests. Farrell & Perrault is a family law practice – that means that we concentrate in Family Court matters and we are experienced litigators. Our attorneys appear in Family Court every week, and all of our attorneys have many years of courtroom experience trying cases in front of judges and juries. Farrell & Perrault attorneys have a reputation for competence in the courtroom, and this translates into positive results both in and out of court. Over ninety percent of our cases settle without going to trial because opposing counsel know that we will not settle for results that are anything less than fair for our clients and consistent with the law.

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